The Burning Tree Legend.

An old central European legend tells us how, in far remote days, in a place that would be kept secret by the wise men of a long lost civilization, a wonderful tree was endlessly burning. In this unwelcoming land, the flames from branches that would never burn completely, kept warming up the spirits of lost travellers.

Even nowadays, people say that deep in the heart of the thickest and widest forest ever known in this world, the fiery leaves would unveil to the insiders, the entrance to a cave, and that cave held an endless source of inspiration.

The oracles of this people predicted that one day, this tree, reborn from its own ashes like a phoenix, would reveal all its secrets to mankind.

Countless men have vainly searched the world for the soul of this prodigious light.  This very light which burnt out imagination's extreme limits to present mankind with its most fabulous creations.  But miraculously, a small ember from this fairy-tale plant has travelled the centuries.  We recently nursed it with our outmost care, and its glow now opens wide the doors towards the most incredible and original collection of fashion jewellery for todays woman.

Following the flittering movements of this eternal light, we are pleased, season after season, and to your exclusive thrill, to assemble these remarkable creations and thus endlessly enlighten your everyday life.